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Welcoming our new staff!

Our staff is growing. How fantastic is this? In the last 6 months we’ve added 2 new family members to Physical Therapy Services, Brittany and Gina, a PT Assistant and Massage Therapist respectively. If you’ve not had an opportunity to get to know our staff, please click on the “Our Team” tab.

This year PTS has endured many waves of turbulence, and each time the staff has rallied to bring together ideas that, collectively, are have moved the company forward without loosing sight of what’s important – the safety and well-being of our patients.

And our company is still not done growing! We are looking to fill 2 full time Physical Therapists positions. Cross-fingers and knock on wood, that we will soon have on board a full time Physical Therapist to join our team.

Until next post, stay healthy.


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