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The five basic tools that might be utilized during your physical therapy sessions:

Helpful modalities:

You may see great outcomes from a variety of treatments, for example, heat, ice, water, laser, electrical incitement, dry needling, and ultrasound. These are utilized to improve your bloodstream and adaptability, decrease swelling, increment in relaxation, and above all, lessen your pain level.

Assistive gadgets:

Gadgets, for example, sticks, walkers, crutches, slings, and braces might be either utilized during a session or prescribed for you to use at home.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Your specialist will begin your treatment with a thorough assessment that looks at your symptoms, how you move, and how this influences your day by day life. All through your treatment period, you will be assessed consistently for results, for example, your degree of pain, the scope of movement, quality, balance, and posture.

Mobilization and Massage:

A key part of retraining your body to work better is to get the muscles and joints going. Your specialist may help by utilizing delicate tissue massage to alleviate stiffness and promote blood flow. You additionally may get hands-on manual therapy, where your joints and muscles are moved for you by the advisor.


The initial four tools are things that the physical specialist will do for you to enable your development to improve. However, the most significant part of therapy is your very own movement. You will be associated with an assortment of recovery exercises that are intended to help you completely in recovery.

Here at PTS, our therapist encourages you to practice your exercises correctly that are intended to improve and build your:

● Strength

● Adaptability

● Range of motion

● Balance

● Functional mobility

● Tolerance

Exercise is regularly the hardest part of your treatment because it is the point where you have to put the most effort. Your PT will expertly guide you through how to perform these exercises correctly.


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