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How can Physical Therapy help Cancer patients either in pre-chemotherapy or post-chemotherapy?

Cancer treatment is a combination of surgery or chemo and radiation treatments to free the assemblage of cancer cells. While destroying cancer in the body is the most significant part of treatment, most patients do not realize the importance physical therapy can do to help aid in their healing process.

Role of physical therapy in Pre and Post Chemotherapy:

Studies have demonstrated that physical therapy can be very useful for individuals who are currently experiencing, or who have quite recently finished their cancer treatment. An article written by the American Cancer Society titled “Physical Activity and the Cancer Patient” records various present moment and broad advantages of becoming more physically active for Cancer warriors and survivors.

Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy:

Radiation and chemo leaves patients incredibly exhausted and as such descend into a very inactive life pattern quickly. While this is understandable, the more an individual becomes sedentary the more tired they become. This descending spiral opens the door to muscle decay, weight increase after treatment, and ultimately depression.

During treatment, the capacity to do strenuous action might be restricted however studies have demonstrated that low to direct exercise was well tolerated even by patients who were midst their chemo and radiation treatments.

Physical action during treatment decreased recovery time altogether by keeping up center quality and limiting mobility issues.

Benefits for Cancer Patients having Physical therapy:

● Physical therapy exercise also releases endorphinswhich avoids depression. Fatigue is diminished and the immune system is likewise given a much-needed boost.

● Patients who have joined exercise classes or exercise groups saw considerably more noteworthy advantages with increased peer support and social contact.

Physical Therapy is only one facet of healing for patients with cancer. A combination of having a supportive framework of family, friends and community services allows patients to lead a healthy, and hopefully, more active life with a positive outlook as well.


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