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Change - A Constant

As the year comes to a close, ironically we are opening up a new chapter to PTS.

Not sure if you noticed that our logo changed. A clue!

We would like to introduce to you Mrs. Andréa Leiserowitz, PT, DPT, CLT. You can read more about her in the "Our Team" tab. Andréa has been a part of our community since 2010 helping cancer patients with not only their physical therapy needs, but to provide valuable information about resources to aid in their journey to healing. It is with great excitement and open arms that we welcome Andréa to PTS. Having said this, beginning mid-January 2020, we will be expanding our services to include physical therapy for cancer patients.

So beginning mid-January, we will be transitioning from Physical Therapy Services to PTS Orthopedic and Cancer Physical Therapy or PTSOC for short :-)

And, because most insurance mandate securing a prior authorization for subsequent visits, this process has become so administratively heavy to our Support Staff. PTSOC has partnered with a vendor to send out automatic text reminders the afternoon before the scheduled patient appointment. This service will begin next week, and is a work in progress. We hope this does not become too much of an inconvenience for you, but serves to improve your experience at PTSOC. In addition to providing you better service, this also will assist our Support Staff by allowing them to focus on submitting the required information to submit for prior authorizations from your insurance in order to make sure that there will be very limited, to no break in your physical therapy treatments.


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