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Kelsi has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for 11 years and in 2021 she graduated from Lane Community College with her Associates in Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA).  After working in out-patient physical therapy for 11 years as an LMT, she transitioned to a PTA position.  Through her combined experience, Kelsi has a unique ability to simultaneously incorporate both manual soft tissue manipulation and exercise techniques to help her patients with breadth of conditions related to both Oncology and Orthopedics.

Kelsi has worked with patients of all ages and physical capabilities. As a PTA and LMT, Kelsi works with patients who are needing myofascial release, orthopedic post- and pre-surgical care, TMJ, chronic pain, radiation induced fibrotic formation manipulation, and lymphatic drainage. In her treatments she is responsible for overseeing and implementing therapy plans developed for each clients’ unique rehabilitation needs.

She is passionate about forming relationships with her patients and empowering them to pursue a healthy living. Kelsi is pursuing an additional specialty in manual therapy and MLD certifications.

Outside of work Kelsi enjoys hiking, camping, Mt. biking, skiing, playing with her dogs and spending time with her family.

License Number: 16665